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Happy Holidays from billyburrew.net!

Sorry it's been so long since my last update! Unlike the Backstreet Boys management, I don't like to put out announcements that I'll be releasing anything at a certain time and then not come through with it! Here's my latest story though. Enjoy!

Taking It On Faith > A modern day defense for those who believe in Santa Claus.

Longing For Christmas Past > I was, so I wrote this story to help remind me what made the holidays great.

The Best Christmas Present In The World > Spotlights a very special Christmas with Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell.

Time For Christmas > Justin learns an important christmas lesson from a kid whose last wish is to meet him.

This section contains some non-boyband oriented fiction. So far, it's two holiday remembrance stories and an erotic fiction story I wrote when a friend of mine asked to be in one of my stories.

A Lesson Learned In Summer > A sudden summer thunderstorm brings a startling realization and teaches a valuable lesson.

Easter Reflections > Ever get caught up in a memory? I was washing something in my sink the other day when it happened to me. Read here to find out.

Longing For Christmas Past > Wish you could have one more christmas like the ones you had growing up? I did, so I wrote this story to help remind me what made the holidays great.

CEREBRAL BISEXUAL (NO LONGER) > A new ADULT ORIENTED non-boyband story from Billy Burrew. This thinly veiled fictional piece is the story of a young, "mostly straight" guy named Chris, who gets some help exploring his not-so-straight side.

What's the newest stories on here?  Check below.
Saying Goodbye> A New G-Rated Nick Carter Story. Sort of Chicken Soup For The Pet Loving Boyband Member's Soul kinda stuff.

Devil's Due> Chapter 5: Revelations

A Surprising Proposal > An engaging 3-part Love Thru Chat short story! Don't miss it!
Part II Updated!!! Click Here To View Part II

Requiem For A Wounded Heart> Domestic abuse is the center of this dark, sad story. After you're done reading the story, check out the song, "Wounded Heart" by Bonnie Raitt to hear the inspiration for the story!

Boybands vs. The Sentinels >A hosted fictional story that takes the characters from XTREME NSYNC and puts them in an all-new adventure! Chapter 18 and Chapter 19 - Just Updated!! (11/23/03)

2XTREME > Chapter 5: The Coming Of Olympus

Jim Butcher's "Harry Dresden Files" Books Are Not To Be Missed Reading!
Werewolves, Vampires, Faeries & Preternatural Bad Guys Beware!
Harry Dresden, Wizarding Gumshoe Is On The Case!

Stories For All Ages
These stories in this section deal with issues that vary from the feelings that surround a simple crush to dealing with death and mourning the loss of a loved one. I like to encourage most new readers to this site or of fan fiction to start with these stories. Click here.

Billy's Favorite Authors...

People always write me and ask what stories I like to read. Here's a few stories that I think are pretty darn near perfect. I recommend reading them!

Writerboy, Author of JC's Hitchhiker For Winning An Astonishing 20 Awards for JC's Hitchhiker! (and buttloads of awards for Rebound. He's also got a few other stories that are, as one might expect, excellent.
If you haven't done so already, you really need to check out JC's Hitchhiker
(click here)!

I'm a big fan of another author, Michael Bryan. He's the author of the story, "JC & The Actor". It's on the Nifty Archive and if I had ANY sense, I'd email him and ask him to be one of my hosted authors. (Click here to see his story)

Also, one of my favorite authors is Midwest James. He's written several stories, and they are quite outstanding! Most notable would be, "My New Life". (Click Here To Go To Midwest James' Website)

Lately, I've found myself reading a set of two stories that shared characters across them. They're called, "All The Ways I Love You" and "Chasing Matt." If I'm not mistaken, they are greatly entertaining reads. (Click Here To Go To All The Ways I Love You)

"Lance, JC & The Astral Fan" is a favorite of mine and quite enjoyable because of the life the author brings to the characters. If you've not read this story, I suggest you do! (click here)

Blind Revolution by RogueWolf/FireAngel is a great suspense fic. If you like your characters a little more gritty, you prolly should take a gander at this one! (click here)

Of course, there's more. Lots more! I could take a few html pages just rattling off the stories that I dote on. I haven't even touched on some of the epic stories like "Alone Together" or "Brian and Me" or "Studio In The Country" These can all be found on the Nifty Archive in the "Celebrity/Boyband" Area.

Going On A LONG car or plane trip?
Check Out The Harry Potter Unabridged Audiobooks With Jim Dale Reading & Doing Voices For All Of J.K Rowling's Memorable Characters! These Are Really, REALLY Entertaining & You'll Listen To Them Over And Over Again! (I don't go on a car or plane trip without them, Jim Dale is AWESOME!

Featured Stories!
Patchwork Lives > Justin learns what Lance is doing with a needle and thread in this sad short story.
The Devil's Due >NEW! Lance unwittingly makes a deal with the devil and brings Patrick back to life in this third installment of the Gifts Of Love series. Can Patrick and the guys break the contract and save his soul?
2XTREME > NEW! Sequel to XTREME NSYNC! The guys get their abilities back in order to face a slew of new, even more dangerous enemies.
Billy Burrew Highly Recommends...
Laurel K. Hamilton's Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Books!
(I own 'em & they're all awesome!)

Now on BillyBurrew.com!
Billy Burrew's Forum >An i nteractive feature! Come and share your thoughts. Just click on the link and start posting. Have fun and try to keep it above the belt. LOL!
Billy Burrew's Poll-O-Rama> Check It Out! I've added a poll, it's kinda lame...but I'll keep thinking up some new ones....til then...humor me and choose an answer on this one!

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